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7:07 AM

iPod Unlimited

Posted by adil hassoune

When the first iPod was launched, nobody had imagined that it would be such a hit. A brain child of Tony Fadell, it was first conceived to provide a better version of an MP3 player. After being turned down by RealNetworks and Phillips, Fadell found support for his project with Apple. Tony Fadell went to work for Apple as an independent contractor, leading a team of thirty people to develop the new MP3 player.

The result was the launch of iPod in October 2001. With the growing popularity, iPod evolved real fast as a device. In just nine years it has incarnated in more than 30 formats plus special editions and color variations.

A creation which was primarily invented for music, has now become a full fledged device supporting photos, videos, movies, games and calendars. It is no longer just a digital audio player, but an easy to use, portable device in which one can store any digital data file.

Along with the iPod, sites offering music downloads for iPods also emerged and grew. Soon, there were sites offering not just music, but also movies, videos and other downloads. The need for the downloading software obviously shot up and this was another great market to explore. Today, there are a number of sites offering iPod downloads and downloading softwares.

Now the main USP for these sites is speed and convenience without compromising on the quality. It is difficult to find a site which offers all these three plus the software.

iPod Download sites generally have a wide range of music, videos, TV shows and sports events. It works on the P2P technology and thus gives the user a wide range of files to select from. What's more? They also provide the software for downloading it to the iPod as well as burn it into a compact disc. Thus, you get the privilege carrying your favorites wherever you go and watching it anyway you like - on your computer, or your home theatre system, your iPod or burn a CD.

A lot of us prefer to get a first hand experience and not just blindly follow reviews, me being one of them. I suggest you check out a few sites for yourself when it comes to downloading speed and quality. Most sites offer DVD quality downloads which is sharp, clear and complete, the entire process takes just a couple of minutes.

The power of iPod is unlimited. Explore and enjoy it to the fullest.

7:04 AM

Download Legal Free Music For Ipod

Posted by adil hassoune

Many websites have been popping up that promise you can download legal free music for ipods. But is it true?

Well, I have to tell you that you can find many songs on the web that are free to download. But the downloads from these sites are most certainly illegal and you could find yourself in a lot of hot water if you download them.

I'm sure you've heard of the thousands of lawsuits filed by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) against people who downloaded copyrighted songs or movies to their computer or ipod. These people have been forced to pay thousands of dollars in fines just because they wanted to grab a few songs for free.

You don't want to end up in court over some silly song do you?

Fortunately, there is a way to download legal free music for ipods. Well, almost free.

A paid membership site lets you download as many songs and videos your ipod can hold for just one small fee. That's a lot better than paying 99 cents for every song you want to download from other sites.

Think about it. The typical paid membership site charges around $39 for a lifetime membership which includes unlimited downloads. You could easily find and download 500 of your favorite songs while still only paying $39.

Compare that to other sites that charge per song. Five hundred songs at 99 cents each would cost you $495! Ouch!

It's obvious that a paid membership site is a much better deal.

Plus, they have a massive selection of music in every genre you could name, they offer technical assistance if you have a hard time downloading a song, and you can download free legal music for ipods with a clear conscience and no fear of lawsuits and legal bills.

If you're downloading free ipod downloads, you may be breaking the law and you could face serious fines or even jail time. Is it worth the risk? Instead join a membership site that charges one small fee for all the downloads you can handle.

7:02 AM

Download Dvd To Ipod. How It's done

Posted by adil hassoune

If you want to avoid the incredibly high download fees that are charged by some websites, it may be a good idea to download your own DVDs to your Ipod. You can, if you want to, carry aroungd your entire DVD collection on your little Ipod, so you can watch it whenever you choose. The tips in this article will help you to do this

Download DVD To Ipod-Step 1-
You should start by getting hold of some software. The software you need is called a ripper, and it will rip the contents of the DVD, and change them into a format compatible with your Ipod. You have a bit of choice here, with programs available by, for example, Imtoo and Xilisoft. Use the search engines to get what you need, and make sure that the software you choose can convert the files into MP4 format, the format of your video Ipod.

Download DVD To Ipod Step 2-
Now that you have got hold of the software, just follow the developer's instructions for ripping the content from your DVD. Save the file to a place on your computer so it is easy for you to find it, and don't forget that the content of the DVD will need to be set up before you do the ripping, so if you need something like subtitles, make sure that is set up first.

Download DVD To Ipod Step 3-
Once you have the ripped content on your computer, you can use the software that you have to change the content to the MP4 format. More often than not content that you rip from DVDs will be in AVI format, which is not compatible with an Ipod, and therefore you need to convert the file.

Download DVD To Ipod Step 4-
Once the content that you have ripped is converted to MP4, you can open Itunes and upload the file. This is a different process for different versions of Itunes, so you might like to update to the latest version of Itunes before you follow the instructions. As soon as Itunes is pointed at the content you want to transfer to your Ipod, you can download it directly to the Ipod as usual, and watch it whenever you want to.

There you have it, simple instructions for downloading from DVD to Ipod in only four easy steps! Hopefully you found this useful, and helpful in transferring your DVD collection to your Ipod. If you want to get some free Ipod downloads, you can check the link at the bottom of this article.

7:01 AM

Do You Know The Ipod Clock Radio

Posted by adil hassoune

There is little doubt that the iPod clock radio is one of the many features that has propelled the Apple MP3 player line to the amazing success it has had. It seems that Apple has thought of almost any accessory or add-on that the consumer could want, and all of them offer the typical high quality sound equipment that Apple iPod lovers have come to expect. The iPod clock radio is no exception to the rule. With its stylish design and lightweight durability this is a clock radio really worth having.

Selling at right around $100.00 US, the sleek design of the iPod clock radio makes it ideal for any type of home d├ęcor. It comes in two colors, white and black, with the front of the system designed for speaker space and an easy to read backlit display that gives the time with a backlight adjustment that can go from very dim to very bright. This is a great function for those that have difficulty sleeping with any type of light in the room, as well as for those that want to be able to clearly see the time at a quick glance.

The iPod clock radio has a dock for the iPod located directly behind the button controls for the AM/FM radio that are on the center top of the radio unit. Since the radio doubles as a docking station, the iPod batteries will be completely charged in the morning, even if you wish to program it to play softly all night. The adjustable sleep and wake up features allow you to choose the volume and length of time that the sleep unit will function before automatically shutting off. There is also a gradual wake feature that allows you to wake up to your favorite tunes. The radio also can serve as the wake up sound, or there is an optional buzzer or alarm that can be used as well. The volumes, when using the wake or sleep function, will gradually increase or decrease, allowing for a very natural wake up or sleep option.

In addition the iPod clock radio has a remote control that allows you to adjust the volume or any other features on the clock simply and without having to move. As with any other iPod accessory there are high quality stereo speakers built into the radio to give the same clear, high quality sound you would get if you were listening directly to your iPod. The iPod clock radio is one of the most popular of the larger iPod accessories and makes a great gift for yourself or your favorite music lover.

6:59 AM

Convert your DVD movies to play on an iPod

Posted by adil hassoune

Most iPods, besides their music features, offer high quality video capabilities; it’s one of the reasons they are one of the most versatile gadgets on the market. We all enjoy watching movies to relax and unwind, so why not convert your own DVDs to the iPod format and watch them whenever you want, wherever you are?

Transferring your DVD movies to play on your iPod, iPhone, Touch, or Nano can be simple, or in some cases, time-consuming and difficult. There are many iPod converters available, but only a few are worth purchasing: some are too expensive, some are hard to use, and many aren’t reliable (they mess up sound and/or picture, or they can’t convert new movies). A good iPod converter must meet the following conditions:

•    User-friendly interface – the program must be easy to use.

•    Fast encoding – the program must be able to encode fast so that the entire process will be finished fast.

•    Versatile – the Converter should be able to output video for all iPod Video formats: Classic, Nano, Touch, and iPhone.

•    Quality – the converted movie must offer excellent sound and picture quality.

•    Error Processing – the program must be able fix any problems that appear during the converting process.

•    Features – the program must have popular options implemented, such as picture quality, subtitles, different languages, etc.

It’s also helpful if the program has a tutorial/help section where the user can learn how to take advantage of extra features. Another important thing regarding conversion from a DVD to an iPod is the ability to zoom from widescreen to full screen. A good converter should have this feature implemented in order to allow for a clean transition.

The program should allow inexperienced as well as advanced users a satisfactory experience. For novice users, a good converter should have an option for automatically adjusting settings to achieve the best results. For advanced users, there should be the ability to manually adjust a wide variety of parameters. A good iPod converter should also allow converting from both NTSC and PAL DVD movies.

Excellent iPod converters can be found for around $40.00, and they’ll do everything, and often more, than some of the more expensive programs. You can try and go the inexpensive route, using two or three free programs in combination (Videora, DVD Shrink, Handbrake, etc.), but I found that the free programs involved a large number of steps, produced mixed results, and wouldn’t convert many new DVD movies (those produced over the past four years). Don’t get me wrong, I’m a thrifty guy, and if there’s a cheap way to do things, I‘m usually on-board, but in this case, the hassle just wasn’t worth it.  The advantages offered by a good converting program far outweighed the trial and error hassles I found using outdated free programs.

Converting your DVD movies to play on an iPod allows one to watch their favorite movies and T.V. programs while on the bus or subway, on airplanes or long drives, or whenever you have a few free moments. DVD conversion software is getting more and more popular, as they facilitate the perfect transition from the ‘big screen’ to the ‘little screen’.

8:28 AM

Strike Knight Tips & Cheats

Posted by adil hassoune

Strike Knight iPhone App Tips & Cheats

Strike Knight is the latest iPhone game app from Back flip studios. On this page we will look at some tips for Strike Knight, see if there are any cheats for Strike Knight and also see if we can work out how to get that elusive 7-10 split. We will also see if it is possible to bowl a perfect game and get on that GameCentre leaderboard. This page will tell you all you need to know about the iPhone Strike Knight game and give you some helpful tips and cheats.

Strike Knight came out in June of 2011. A very popular game from the outset, Strike Knight shot into the download charts. This is a very simple game based upon ten pin bowling, even though the idea is simple, the game gets very addictive as it is such an easy one to play. This is an iPhone app that will keep you entertained for hours on end, plus it is currently a free download from the app store. So let’s now have a closer look at the game itself.

Strike Knight The Game

When you open the Strike Knight game up you are taken to the menu page. From the menu you can go and play a single player game, you can play two player using play and pass or you can click on the more tab and view your best scores, your average score and also the total number of points you have scored overall when playing the Strike Knight game. From here you can also read the instructions, adjust the volume settings and read the credits. You also have the option of seeing more games from Back flip studios. Another option that the game gives you is to remove the ads, there are a lot of adverts on the game so this maybe a feature some people want to explore, however you do have to pay for this to be done.

When you play a game the idea is simple. Knock the pins down with the disk. Instead of a bowling ball you use a small disk to hit the pins. To throw the disk you simply slide your finger in the desired direction and then release at the appropriate moment. The basic scoring is the same as bowling, you can get a strike or a spare. However, when you do get either a strike or spare you are awarded bonus points. The amount of point you get for this depends upon your timing, above the lane you will see scores flashing across the display unit, you must time your throw just right to get the maximum amount of points available. If you get it just right you can pick up 800 points for a strike.

If you fail to knock all the pins down you are simply awarded the amount of pins you hit. So basically you lose a lot of points. There are ten frames in the game and your score is added up as you go along. At the end of the game your score is displayed and also you will be shown your highest score to date and also your average score. You can also pick up awards for doing things like bowling 3 strikes in a row or clearing a 7-10 split. Your stats and score will show up on GameCentre so you can then compete with your friends and other players from all over the world. 

8:22 AM

Angry Birds Rio Tips & Cheats

Posted by adil hassoune

Angry Birds Rio Golden Banana Locations

On this page we will look at the locations of the golden bananas on Angry Birds Rio.  These simple walkthroughs will show you where all 15 gold bananas are on the Jungle Escape levels of Angry Birds Rio.  We will also give a quick review of Angry Birds Rio and talk about the game itself, the main purpose of this page though will be to get you all the locations of the 15 gold bananas.

Angry Birds Rio came out to coincide with the animated film Rio.  This Angry Birds spin off has been very popular in the download charts ever since.  The game play in this one is very simple yet great fun, there are lots of fun challenges to take on and some very tricky levels to play.  The main theme is closely based on the original game but there are some fun new characters and locations.  The graphics are visually pleasing and there is lots about the game to enjoy.  So now let’s have a look at the issue of Gold Bananas.

Gold Banana Locations & Walkthroughs

The main idea on Angry Birds Rio is simply to complete the levels.  However, as with the original Angry Birds this one has a few games within the game.  Again the ultimate challenge of this game is to get three stars on each level.  The game is split up into little worlds, the world we are looking at here is Jungle Escape.  In Jungle Escape there are 15 hidden golden bananas.  If you can collect all 15 gold bananas you get an award, so this is one of the games within a game.  This is very similar to the gold eggs in the original game, the bananas are hidden out of sight and the idea is to collect them all.

So where exactly are these golden bananas?  Well that is what we are going to look at.  They tend to hide in a variety of places, some are hidden in crates, some are up and high and some are down low.  On some levels you need to zoom out so that you can spot the location of the golden banana.  So now we are going to look at the locations of the 15 gold bananas.  These simple walkthroughs will show you exactly how to get hold of the bananas, we will look at a picture and then have a brief description of how to get hold of the bananas. 

 So there we have it.  Hopefully this guide will have proved helpful and you will now know exactly how to get your hands on each of the golden bananas on Jungle Escape Angry Birds Rio.  It is a real challenge to find some of these bananas so no doubt a walkthrough will be helpful to you.  Angry Birds Rio really is a wonderful little iPhone app and such good fun.  If you were a fan of the original game chances are you will also really like this one as well.  So download Angry Birds Rio now and get looking for all 15 of those golden bananas.