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4:08 PM

iOS 9.1 Releases With Over 150 New Emoji

Posted by adil hassoune

Apple has released iOS 9.1 to the public for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. iOS 9.1 includes over 150 new emoji and Live Photo improvements. The new emoji includes a hugging face, a thinking face, a face with rolling eyes, prayer beads, a turkey, a crab, a hot dog, a cricket bat, a Menorah with nine branches, a mosque, a synagogue, popcorn, a taco, a burrito, a unicorn, a cheese wedge, a unicorn head, a champagne bottle and a middle finger. Nearly every category has new emoji added.
Apple iOS 9.1 has been in testing since before iOS 9 launched. And developers have tested about five betas before the final release. This is the third public update for iOS 9 with the first two being iOS 9.0.1 and iOS 9.0.2.

In iOS 9.1, an update has been added to Live Photos. Now Live Photos can sense when your iPhone is raised or lowered. This prevents movements that you do not want to record to end up on Live Photos. Apple added an option in the Settings app to enable or disable photos of your contacts in the Messages lists. And there are three new planet wallpapers added in iOS 9.1, including Jupiter, Mars and Neptune.

Bug Fixes And Performance Improvements In iOS 9.1

Many bug fixes and performance improvements were also added in iOS 9.1. There is improved stability for CarPlay, Music, Photos, Safari and Search. And iOS 9.1 has improved Multitasking user interface performance.

Issues where the Calendar app becomes unresponsive in the Month view and where Game Center crashes for many users have been fixed. And an issue has been resolved where content of an app was zoomed into unnecessarily for some iOS users.

There was a bug fixed which caused an incorrect unread mail count for POP mail accounts. An issue where users were prevented from removing recent contacts from new mail or messages was fixed. There was also an issue where some messages did not appear in Mail search results for some users has been fixed.

A bug where a gray bar in the body of an Audio Message remained has been fixed. And an issue that caused activation errors on some carriers has been fixed. Lastly, a bug that prevented some apps from updating from the App Store was fixed.

Apple News For The U.K. Now Available

iOS 9.1 also includes the Apple News app for U.K. users. Apple News is a customizable news curation app that includes feeds for The Guardian, The Economist, Time, etc.

You can download and install iOS 9.1 by opening Settings > General > Software Update on your iOS device. You can also install the update by connecting your device to iTunes. The download size varies based on your device, but you will notice in the screenshot that it seems to be a little bit more than 300 megabytes.

8:23 AM

10 Ways to Get Quality Translations

Posted by adil hassoune

How do you define a quality translation?

It could be some simple product directions that make sense in another language, something free of grammatical errors. Maybe it’s a highly technical document that requires very precise terminology in order to pass strict international regulations. Or perhaps it’s a global ad campaign that evokes such strong emotion, it brings tears to the eyes of viewers in France, China, and Brazil.

The definition of translation quality (and its value) varies greatly depending on content type, end user, and business goals. A quality translation to one person could look like a feeble attempt at translation to another.

No one understands your brand, or your business goals, better than you. So it’s important that your quality expectations are communicated properly to your LSP at the start of the translation process.
Here are some tips to help improve communication, simplify review cycles, and ensure quality translations:

  • Provide your LSP with examples of previous translations that meet your quality expectations (plus examples of some that don’t).
  • Encourage in-country reviewers and lead translators to establish working relationships (they may be in the same locales).
  • Make sure that your in-country reviewers fully understand corporate style guidelines and have collaborated on the creation of approved glossaries.
  • Provide brand guidelines to help translators and reviewers understand your brand identity and voice.
  • Grant your LSP or translator access to your staging server to review content in context—and to your web apps for reviewing and testing UI text elements.
  • Supply quality source content (it won’t improve in another language).
  • Give translators and in-country reviewers a reasonable amount of time to complete their work.
  • Communicate regularly with your LSP’s project manager.
  • Work toward a long-term relationship with your provider: Quality improves the more familiar they become with your business, content, and terminology.
  • Assign a point person that your LSP can reach out to for questions and clarification.


High quality translations—however they’re defined—enable you to achieve your business goals. When your translations perform well in-market, you’re able to maintain a consistent brand voice while communicating a message that resonates with local audiences. Quality is key.

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The first day I did my first hashtag. I just didn’t know what I was doing and it was quite surprise how that specific day let sudden explose in traffic.

Then I started doing hashtags on all my social media post. One day as I checked my traffic stats for my site, I was confused by where all the traffic are coming from.
As I learn and apply them, I got more and more results.

You might not have thought about what a hashtag is, or how you might be able to use them to earn money. Let’s jump right into it.

Simply put, a hashtag is a single word or un-spaced phrase preceded by the hash sign or number symbol: #. They are a form of metatag widely used on Twitter and other social media sites. They are a convenient way of labeling similar content into groups. Effective hashtags allow users to find content about a particular topic.

Twitter first started using hashtags in 2007, and over the years their use has become standard, on Twitters as well as on other social media and microblogging sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and others.

Twitter now hyperlinks all hashtags for easier searching, and they also list Trending Topics on their home page to track hashtags that are growing in popularity.

I will show you how to make money online using hashtags.

If you’re unfamiliar with hashtags or new to internet marketing, it might seem difficult to believe that you can generate income using something so simple, but it’s true.

As easy as it may sound, you must know how to hashtag the right way. I will give you a step-by-step guide to using hashtags, including:

* The benefits of using hashtags
* Why free traffic is the best bet for beginner marketers
* An overview of sites where you can use hashtags
* How to find highly-targeted hashtags
* How to use hashtags to make PROFIT!
* How to track your hashtags

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Why Hashtags Matter

If you’ve been thinking about traditional marketing methods, you might wonder why I’m encouraging you to use hashtags. Why do they matter? The answer is this: they matter because they have become part of the way we talk to each other. While Twitter hashtags have been around for less than a decade, they have increased in popularity so rapidly that no internet marketer can afford to ignore them.

Internet marketers build businesses by creating content, and encouraging conversation about that content. Hashtags can help you to group your content into categories, brand yourself, and make it easier to engage customers in conversations about your content and your brand.

Pros and Cons of Using Hashtags

Now let’s talk about the pros and cons of using hashtags. We’ll look at the pros first:

* Hashtags can help you organize your thoughts and content. When you post about a topic or keyword your customers care about, they’ll be able to find you easily.
* Hashtags can help you spread marketing campaigns across multiple platforms, and give you a way to collect feedback from your customers.
* Using hashtags can help you establish yourself as an authority in your niche, and to connect with other people in your industry.

And now let’s consider some of the cons of using hashtags:

* If you use hashtags inappropriately, it can backfire. Improperly researched hashtags are a liability, not an asset.
* Once you create a hashtag, you cannot control how people use it. You will have to monitor your hashtags for inappropriate content or negative publicity.
* Overusing hashtags is as bad as not using them at all. If you use too many hashtags or post too often, people may dismiss your content as spam.
On the whole, hashtags can be a great tool for internet marketers when they are used properly. The next step is to talk about why using free traffic makes sense for newbie internet marketers.

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Why Using Free Marketing Makes Sense

As of January 2015, there are more than two billion active social media accounts worldwide. That is a staggering number. Social media has become the way we connect with one another, and it allows us to share information, opinions and experiences on a global level.

Those numbers mean that no business can afford to ignore social media. In order to compete as an internet marketer, you need to have a social media presence. Since that is the case, why not make full use of that presence to generate revenue?

A primary benefit of using free traffic to advertise is that, especially when you are starting out, it can help you keep your costs down. If you can attract customers and earn income without having to spend money on paid advertising, why wouldn’t you want to do it?

Finally, the techniques that you use on social media to brand yourself, attract customers and sell your products are very similar to the techniques you will use when your business has grown and you can afford to pay for advertising. The experience of marketing your business using hashtags will help you prepare for a more traditional marketing campaign later on.

The bottom line is that using free traffic from social media is an easy, low-cost way to grow your business.

how to use hashtags

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3:53 PM

7 Step to Gain maximum exposure in Pinterest

Posted by adil hassoune

This is a detailed guide that will outline how you, the affiliate marketer can benefit from Pinterest.

Pinterest is the bigest emerging social media site that is geared strictly to images. You start with a “board” and as you go around the web you can “pin” interesting images to it. Your posts will show up on your friends feeds and they will be able to see what you pin, and they themselves can repin your images. Think of the viral effect this will.

At the time of writing this, Pinterest remains an invite only website. As the user base expands it will be no time until the membership is open for anyone to sign up. Originally launched in 2010, the site has grown by the millions in 2013 alone. There are over 100 million people using Pinterest Now, and many of the major brands are now signed up.

There is a lot of hype surrounding Pinterest right now. Imagine if you were one of the first people to join Facebook and you were able to profit from day 1.

Many affiliate marketers made a lot of money in the early days of Facebook, and now you can to with Pinterest.
There is a huge base of users right now, and it is set to explode exponentially.

After you have created the account you need to jump to your profile settings and make a few changes here. In the top right you will see your picture and name. Click here and go to settings. You will notice under details that some basic information was grabbed from either Facebook or Twitter when you linked the two accounts together.

You can change your photo here to something more appealing if you don’t want your Facebook/Twitter photo here.

It is recommended that you fill in the “about” section. Make sure you keep SEO in mind when filling this out and put relevant keywords as they relate to your business.

Make sure you also put in your website URL.

To gain maximum exposure in Pinterest, you need to follow others, like their posts and repin other pins.

1) Sync your Pinterest account with your Facebook and Twitter.

This is extremely simple to do. Once it is setup you will have easy access to the messaging and following option that allows you to send out endless Pinterest invites to friends and family. You will also be able to see which of your friends are pinning.

2) Creativity

When you are naming your boards, be as creative as possible. Pick unique names for your boards that will spark interest and
encourage other users to follow you. Try to make your boards appear as if they tell a story.

3) Keep the focus on what you market and build a brand.

Stick with your niche. If you plan on promoting electronics, build your boards around this. You will attract more people who are interest in your niche when they see this is all you want to pin.

4) Use #Hash #Tags.

Most people are unaware that Pinterest uses hash tags. This makes it easy for people to access what they are looking from and
tagging other Pinterest members with the @ symbol. This will encourage conversation hype and really attract followers.

5) Use your blog! harness this traffic into more Pinterest followers. You can easily install a Pinterest button on your blog or use various plugins. Try holding pinning contests to get more exposure!

6) What’s trending!

You can see what is trending on Pinterest by visiting Pinterest’s Popular page. From here you can see what’s being pinned from you site or blog, as well as seeing what’s hot. Pin some topics on the hot trends and make sure you hash tag them for maximum exposure.

7) Follow and Comment.

This is one of the most effective ways to get more followers. When you follow or comment on people’s pins, they will get a
notification on their dashboard. This allows you to connect to the many users out there and gain more exposure for your brand or product. Make sure you leave witty and appreciative comment to
users who leave good posts.

If you have other traffic sources such as a blog, you need to harness this traffic into more Pinterest followers. You can easily install a Pinterest button on your blog or use various plugins. Try holding pinning contests to get more exposure!

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If you and your company have been in business for long, you may already be familiar with the terms B2B and B2C. Individuals, companies, and organizations often shape their marketing strategy to target prospective clients in the B2B or B2C capacities, but often overlook a third avenue that has been around since the birth of big business: B2G (business-to-government).

Investopedia provides a useful and simple definition: B2G interactions are “professional affairs conducted between companies and regional, municipal or federal governing bodies. Business-to-government typically encompasses the determination and evaluation of government agency needs, the creation and submission of proposals and the completion of the contracted work.” It’s also worth noting that some B2C and B2B businesses sometimes engage in B2G marketing to land a few side contracts to extend their domain in the public sector. (Think SpaceX selling space capsule equipment to NASA or Humana providing medical intel or other health-related services to the Department of Health and Human Services).

Why B2G Rely on Content Marketing

The statistics in the B2G space can be staggering to those unaware of the size of the government’s budget. The figure below shows a breakdown of the awards that departments and agencies have given in contracts in fiscal year 2015. Broadly, contracts can range anywhere from $500 million to more than $44 billion. This sector is also particularly stable, as agencies and departments have been often known to renew contracts with businesses that already understand the regulations, as long the quality of the product or service remains valuable to the government.


But if B2G relationships are relatively stable, why do contractors market to the government? Put another way, have you ever wondered why large companies like Boeing bother uploading YouTube videos showcasing the latest aircraft? Or why Northrop Grumman spent millions of dollars airing a commercial for a stealth fighter plane during the Superbowl?

It’s unlikely that the average Joe found the 30-second Northrop Grumman commercial compelling enough for him to purchase a personal stealth bomber, so what’s the big idea?

The takeaway is this: if large multibillion-dollar defense contractors feel the need to market themselves to the federal government, even during military conflicts when their products and services are of greatest necessity, then there is no reason why smaller and medium-sized B2B and B2C should skip out on developing a proper content marketing strategy.

Despite relatively stable business partnerships, even corporations like Raytheon and General Electric push out content marketing strategies that include video marketing campaigns, updating blogs, sending out eNewsletters, writing case studies, and creating infographics.


Here are 5 ways that companies are taking advantage of content marketing to cater to the interests of the government and civilian world, and what businesses can learn from them.

Online Newsletters

Online newsletters, or eNewsletters, are electronically distributed emails to those who opt-in for regular updates on company products, services, developments, articles, blog posts, etc., with links back to the company’s website to find out more.

With the advent of interactive social media, many businesses have questioned the effectiveness of email marketing. A study by the Nielsen Norman group showed that newsletters served to grow or retain a vendor’s reputation or to maintain relationships.

Contractors get this, and have made distributed newsletters in order to provide officials in various government departments information regarding recent developments and other news, even during dry spells when departments are not given as much funding for the fiscal year.

Need inspiration? Take a look at VitalSmarts, a private business services company that provides corporate training and organizational performance services. In addition to providing training and education services to many other businesses facing problems, according to, the company also performed over 290 contracts for more than $5 million, each contract averaging about $17, 350.

The company’s home page allows anyone to quickly navigate and check out the newsletters that the company sends weekly. The particular experiences contractors have when marketing to the federal government reveal that building brand recognition and maintaining brand loyalty is not negligible. If contractors must invest in sending regular updates to clients even in a market with strong barriers to entry, your business should too.

Helpful tip: Make your online newsletter subscription easy to find and archive your past newsletters in order to allow users to see what you push on a regular basis. Storing your previous newsletters in a separate part of your website can help improve your SEO by making your content searchable online.


The case for businesses blogs has been made time and time again, as more and more research uncovers how fresh content can. A previous post explains the numerous benefits of businesses having their own blog. To summarize some of the highlights: a blog can help generate more traffic, convert leads, establish credibility, improve SEO, and build long-term brand recognition.

While there are 31% more bloggers today than there were three years ago, many businesses still do not actively create content for their blogs.

Need inspiration? See some of the content published daily on General Electric (GE), a company that provides a multitude of different products and services and has contracted with the government to provide things such as electrical appliances; aviation, transportation, and engineering equipment; etc. GE Reports is the company’s online blogging vessel, which is an online magazine published by GE. Though it technically operates as a magazine, the type of content found on the site is no different than from what a business blog would write about.

Helpful tip: The intersection of visuals and content can be attractive to your readers. Aside from content, try accompanying your posts with some visually appealing images, as it will help you attain more traffic and clicks. Also try to include a section where you offer interested readers the ability to subscribe for daily, weekly, or monthly updates if they opt in for the newsletter.

Case Studies

Case studies are a great way to give your potential clients a taste of the type of service and product you provide. Beyond that, case studies help the clients picture themselves in the position of receiving the product or service you provide, and the steps you take in order to help the client relieve a problem that they have.

In essence, it’s a great way for you to provide a mental simulation of your business’s thought process. How do you approach customers, or perhaps more importantly, why do customers approach you. What was the problem the customer had in your case study? Did you exceed what you were expected to do with your product or service? Did you “wow” your customer? How?

These are all questions you can answer in your case studies in order to sway your customers to seek you for your expertise.

Need inspiration? Check out Lockheed Martin, the biggest defense contractor providing services and products including aerospace equipment, information security, defense, and other advanced technologies. Despite consistently securing the most contracts with the Department of Defense, the company still provides case studies in order to inform clients about the company’s expertise in the security and defense domain and its thought leadership.

Helpful tip: Notice how the case studies in Lockheed Martin’s website are clearly accessible via the resources tab, allowing any of the company’s clients to see previous work the company has provided. Many companies with case studies do not have a dedicated page where customers can access them. Having disorganized resources for potential clients is as good as not having provided any resources. Make sure that your clients can access your resources while they are poking around your site.


According to Forrester Research’s Dr. James McQuivey, a minute of video is equivalent to 1.8 million words. Do you have time to write 1.8 million words? Furthermore, do you think anyone else had time to read those 1.8 million words? In the era we live in now, being able to gather information in a relatively short amount of time is highly valuable. So why not make videos?

Many defense contractors like to use videos in order to gain popular support from the public. Remember the Northrop Grumman’s Superbowl ad video referred to earlier in this post? Many defense contractors think airing engaging and valuable videos will help sway representatives to vote on funding bills with little backlash from the public, as long as the videos help brand the company in a favorable way. This is something ordinary businesses can learn from contractors.

In essence, videos help construct and reconstruct a company’s brand name recognition. In the age of mass media, this is surely one of the most effective and efficient ways to help build positive public perception of your business.

Need inspiration? Browse through some of the videos uploaded by SpaceX, an aerospace manufacturer and contractor to agencies like NASA. SpaceX has spearheaded the private sector’s charge towards rocket science, and has been keen on ensuring everyone can see the progress the company has made. Take a look at the simple flight test that the company shot and uploaded onto YouTube, garnering more than 4 million views.

Helpful tip: Take a look at some of the other video campaigns that have been successful in the past. What you will notice is consistency and quality. You need to ensure your videos are consistent and fresh but also creative and valuable to your viewers. BlendTec’s YouTube videos have garnered national attention, as the company was able to pique the public’s interest for doing something as simple and silly as blending an iPhone on a weekly basis. Make your videos informative, funny, thoughtfully provocative, exciting, or visually appealing, or a combination of all of those features, and include them on some of your online newsletters.


show me money-Corporation-Infographic

The true power of an infographics is similar to that of video campaigns: presenting lots of information in a visually appealing manner. Many businesses might believe that this marketing tool is not worth the time or investment, but it is a vital way that even the largest contractors and companies have incorporated as part of their blogging and social media strategy.

One of the most attractive features of infographics is that it is informative and broadly relevant to those who want to digest information through a visually appealing medium. Infographics spread through social media like Facebook and Twitter because they inform but also because they attract people’s attention, which is why many companies keen on building brand name recognition invest resources outsourcing or creating their own infographics.


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You have to keep in mind that it is an extreme “hit or miss” method. If you do it Correctely, you can get Traffic, a tons of free visitors, however, if you don’t get creative, you are wasting your time. Luck will have a little part in this method, but you can scale that variable with your creativity.

Well Let’s begin, this method entails getting traffic to your Amazon affiliate links through the use of StumbleUpon. You can really use any affiliate program, but I will be explaining this from the perspective of using Amazon. The key ingredient here is creativity, and without it, you will fail.

Ok Let’s begin the process:

1) First things first, you need to choose a theme/niche for your site. This is THE most important part. Do not choose something like flat screen TVs or washing machines. You NEED to choose an interesting product – a product that catches peoples’ attention. Generally speaking, these products will be innovative and fun.

2) Once you have chosen a fun/creative product, you need to build your site. When creating your site, do NOT make it a straight up e-commerce site. Make it as if you are just an “agood Joe” sharing products that you find interesting. Make the site fun, and don’t make it look overly monetized. StumbleUpon users are looking to have fun and see cool new products, so you have to appeal to their wants. StumbleUpon users are not usually in “buy mode” so it is your job to find them a product they can’t resist. You can sell people on anything if done right.

3) The next step is compiling products for your niche/theme. You can compile whatever number of products you like. The more products you use, the more successful the site will be. For each product, write a brief, interesting description, show some catchy images, and of course, include your Amazon affiliate link.

Okay, so now you have your site set up and it is ready for action. The next step is reeling in the Get Traffic process. You are going to do this using nothing but StumbleUpon. Let’s go:

4) Add every product on your site to StumbleUpon manually. Keyword here is manually – automation will not get you the results you want. Of course, choose the category that best fits your product. If your product fits multiple categories, choose the one you believe is most popular. Once you choose the category, start setting tags. This is EXTREMELY important. Your tags can make or break you. Think of things that you believe users will type in. Make sure you are properly targeting users, because if they don’t like your page, you will lose traffic, and consequently, lose money. Experiment with the tags. See what works and what doesn’t. You can add all of your products all at once, but I would recommend pacing them out over a period of time. of course, you can always add new products to the site.

5) Analyze what is working and what is not. Sometimes, changing one word in your tags can increase your visitor count by 100 people. Change your categories if necessary. If you find that you are receiving a lot of traffic, but it is not converting, then you will need to mix around your landing page and see what works. For this kind of marketing, every little thing can make a difference so don’t disregard anything.

For those of you who have a hard time visualizing this method, here is an example of a site that this would work wonders for (and I’m sure it does). This is NOT my site, merely an example of a great idea.

The cool thing about this method is that once it is set up and running, you do nothing and it sustains itself. If a page goes viral on StumbleUpon it can receive millions of views. I would recommend adding the occasional new product just to spice things up and get more StumbleUpon traffic.

You can twist this method by appealing to other popular social bookmarking sites such as Reddit and Digg. You can also add AdSense to your landing pages to monetize them a bit more, but be tasteful with it.

What are you waiting for? Go make Money!

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